Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Dreams ( 1-17)

1. Russia Subway Terror Attack (2010)
Sleeping in Bed, I see dream, I see house – big house, and I am inside of that house. People speaking in Russian and interact with each other. Around is cold and has lots of snow, everywhere is snow. And then I see the people who look like middle east look—but they look like zombies without emotion. And they enter the house, and these people became hostages, and they keep them as a hostages, . I am looking for the exit, and try to get out of the house. I went outside, and its empty…. No other houses, no nothing—and its only this house with their gun and hostages. All this people will die.
Just a few minutes after I saw this dream, it happened.

2. Swimming with Tsunami (2011)
Night of March 11. I was sleeping and I saw a big tsunami, and the wave is very, very high. I am surfing on the tsunami and my sister is in the seashore, and says how can you surf?
And I said, “it is natural.”

3. Black American Soldier, Entering Rest Room (2011)
I was walking with my friend and my child in the forest with no other people. I was thinking Africa or India. I was saying “lets hurry up and get out of here.” In the back, the Black American Soldier, is sitting near the rest room. Nobody can enter there for no reason. But I wanted to enter so much. He allowed me and I entered and saw the mirror. Mirror in my dreams are interpreted as sudden disease that will bring sickness to many, many people. It could be a big accident.
Then I woke up and saw the news that Fukushima nuclear crisis has started.

4. Helicopters, Military, People Evacuating ( 2011)
I saw a dark green helicopter or plane, and I saw the people and I saw Asian-looking people and people were getting in the helicopter (evacuating). The person nearest the helicopter says we have to check the security, its not safe to go in the air—so security must be implemented. I think he was afraid that the helicopter might be exploded.
Everything was dark. There was no sun. It may or may not be related to Japan since I only saw Asian. I am not sure which country, but its definitely Asian people. It is not save to be in the land, but it is also not save to fly in the air.

5. No Sun, Ashes, People wearing Oxygen Mask ( 2011)
Dark place. Smoke. A lot of ashes. Its an unlivable place. People are using masks with oxygen. Its not related to the earthquake but a big volcano eruption.

6. Saw Line is going very, very high ( 2011)
Radiation is growing all over the Japan especially Tokyo. Then a message occurs— many things unfinished, many things undone, but being in Tokyo the radiation exposure is equal to death.
At a the  second part of the dream, I saw a small tsunami happening at an island that looks like Thailand. And I saw my father inside of the cave, and my father said tsunami is coming— it will not touch you, but you must go underground and wait until it is over.

7. School, Teachers, Children in Danger, Evacuation, Near Water (Australia), ( 2011)
I saw school and the saw the principal of the school that looks like a businessman. The school is near water. I saw sea police wearing life-jacket, and they were inside the school checking the school for some reason, and the principal was outside the school and he is anxious that his business might close down. The children is in danger, but there is nothing I can do about it. I am pretty sure its Australia.

8. Tokyo as Dead City, Alien Zone ( 2011)
I saw my house in Tokyo where I used to live. I saw houses near by. And it was dark, and I know that this place is an alien zone.

9. Prime Minister of Japan Sitting on Burning Barrel ( 2011)
I saw the Japan Prime Minister Kan sitting on top of a barrel of explosives. Then the barrel becomes a pot, and from the pot is coming a fire, and there is tension and its about to explode. But the Prime Minister tries to cover the pot by sitting and hiding the pot. But the cover of the pot is already shaking and he can not close it.

10. UFO Ships ( 2011)
I saw many, many UFO coming to earth from the high places near my hometown on Eastern Europe. There are millions of them.

11. About Siberia ( 2010 )
I saw that Siberia is a very nice place and people are very kind there. I didn’t know anyone but people were friendly. I told a woman about my purpose. She was very kind and she said that “you need to go to the forest in Siberia. That is a good place. That is where the polar bears are“
I saw humans, dolphins, and sea-lion living together in harmony. It’s a good place.

12. Big Earthquake (Russia or America), ( 2011)
I saw mountains and a lot of ruins. Many people died under the ruins. It was so swift and too big earthquake, that the government does not have the resources to handle what has happened.
Two words came: Russia, America

13. Big Earthquake (Europe), ( 2011)
I am in my apartment and the floor is shaking. The apartment is shaking. But I know its not this place, but is close or nearby. Its somewhere in Europe.

14. Japanese passport and government, ( 2011 )
I saw some conference or meeting of Japanese government, they were panicking. Then I clearly saw Japanese passport. I think it means possible emigration or evacuation of Japan.

15. Michael Douglas, ( 2011 )
I saw car like look like Ferrari, there were children inside. Driver, I couldn't see his face made children interested in some project they do. I saw how car went under tunnel, tunnel what looks like mountain, at the same time the cave. I felt some danger for children. I felt like they have to get out from there . Then I see myself together with those kids coming back. There is man who drives the car. I get closer to him, I want to see his face, the man turns his face towards me and I had kind of shock, the man was Michael Douglas. 

16. Obama, ( 2011 )
I see black man, he is working, he has some small business, it looked like garrage or small factory, hard to say. He is serious, balanced and working hard. I know that he is the father of president Obama. Then suddenly I see American journalist, she comes to this man, the father  to ask about his son. But black man tried to not look into her eyes, he spoke little, he said that he is not in contact with his son, that his son had good potential, but he made his path, not the right path.

17. Japanese Garden, ( 2011 )
I saw Tokyo, Japanese Garden, very beautiful with the pond...many families are walking there. I scream, the air is contaminated, please wear masks, it  is dangerous, the plutonium inside of  the water and smoke from the water/pond  is going up in the air. But, people are just walking, they don't know anything, they don't feel, and they don't hear me...Then old Japanese man in the garden is coming to me, I ask him, tell me, please, is this water contaminated ? He answered :"Yes, they put all the plutonium there , it is already there, but they won't say it. ". And he walked way.

Alex Collier 2010 Earth Transformation