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The True Story Of Knights Templar

Officially the Order of the Poor Knights of Christ and the Temple of Solomon; founded in 1118 by Hugh de Payens, who, along with fellow crusaders, appealed to King Baldwin II of Jerusalem that they might form a religious order—taking the traditional vows of poverty and chastity but with the special purpose of protecting pilgrims traveling to the Holy Land. Baldwin agreed and provided them shelter in the palace, also the former site of Solomon’s temple. The small group of knights grew, due to the efforts of Hugh and fel low knight Andrew of Montbard, as they traveled in search of donations and recruits. One influential supporter was Bernard of Clairvaux, an abbot who had fought in a crusade and was a powerful man within Christendom. Bernard provided a ‘‘rule’’ (book of guidelines) for the Knights and obtained the pope’s blessing upon the order. In 1147, the pope added a red cross to the white tunics the Templars wore over their armor, like other military monks, such as the Knights Hospitaller and the Knights of the Holy Sepulchre. Dan Brown portrays the Knights as having wealth beyond kings, of living beyond the pope’s rule, and, most important to The Da Vinci Code’s conspiratorial theme, the keepers of a great secret (158–59, 346). The Templars did have wealth, but since they held vows of poverty, their prosperity came from contributions—their money simply accumulated. In fact, the Knights Hospitaller possessed far greater wealth than the Templars. The Da Vinci Code claims that Pope Clement V devised a plan with France’s King Philip IV to arrest, torture, and even kill all the Knights because they were ‘‘heretics guilty of devil worship, homosexuality, defiling the cross, sodomy, and other blasphemous behavior’’ (160). In reality, Philip’s envy of Templar wealth and power provoked him, independent of Clement V, to order the arrest of all Templars on October 13, 1307. Clement was notified later; he was appalled but could not annul the trials due to many Templars having been coerced into confessing bizarre crimes while placed under the severe torture of Philip’s soldiers. Eventually Clement was persuaded to suppress the Knights, but he was not the formulator or initiator of the plan to extinguish them.

RUDOLF STEINER QUOTES: Innoculations against the inclination to entertain spiritual ideas


Founder of the Waldorf Schools-Christian Mystic Clairvoyant
Founder of Bio Dynamic Agriculture
The whole trend goes in a direction where a way will finally be found to vaccinate bodies so that these bodies will not allow the inclination towards spiritual ideas to develop and all their lives people will believe only in the physical world they perceive with the senses. Out of impulses which the medical profession gained from presumption ” oh, I beg your pardon, from the consumption they themselves suffered ” people are now vaccinated against consumption, and in the same way they will be vaccinated against any inclination towards spirituality. This is merely to give you a particularly striking example of many things which will come in the near and more distant future in this field ” the aim being to bring confusion into the impulses which want to stream down to earth after the victory of the spirits of light.” Read original lecture…

-Rudolf Steiner: Fall of the Spirits of Darkness Lecture 13 The Fallen Spririts̢۪ Influence in the World, Dornach, 27, Oct. 1917
A longing will arise(and become)general opinion:Whatever is spiritual, whatever is of the spirit, is nonsense, is madness! Endeavours to achieve this will be made by bringing out remedies to be administered by inoculation just as inoculations have been developed as a protection against diseases, only these inoculations will influence the human body in a way that will make it refuse to give a home to the spiritual inclinations of the soul. People will be inoculated against the inclination to entertain spiritual ideas. Endeavours in this direction will be made; inoculations will be tested that already in childhood will make people lose any urge for spiritual life.
Rudolf Steiner, Lecture 3, Secret Brotherhoods and the Mystery of the Human Double: Seven Lectures. Read original lecture…
Book Review 2010 by Bobby Matherne containing more Steiner comments on Vaccination…
Again, as he did on page 85, Rudolf Steiner warns us of a vaccine, an anti-religious vaccine, which will inoculate us against having a soul, an anti-spiritual vaccine which will ensure the success of the dark spirits in completely materializing many as human beings(10). This warning came almost a hundred years ago perhaps that vaccine already exists and is affecting our children and young adults today.
[page 199, 200] Steiner: I have told you that the spirits of darkness are going to inspire their human hosts, in whom they will be dwelling, to find a vaccine that will drive all inclination towards spirituality out of people’s souls when they are very young, and this will happen in a roundabout way through the living body. Today, bodies are vaccinate against one thing and another; in future, children will be vaccinated with a substance which it will certainly be possible to produce, and this will make them immune, so that they do not develop foolish inclinations connected with spiritual life ‘foolish’ here, of course, in the eyes of materialists.
Footnote 10. Suppose such a vaccine existed today which inoculated children at a young age…. There would seem to be some epidemic of children being born who do not maturate like children, they would be unable to store feelings of their early childhood, they would have trouble acclimating themselves to other human beings, they will seem extremely intelligent with sharp calculating skills, almost machine-like precision of drawing and copying skills. Does this not sound familiar to the recent concerns of the sudden rise in the incidence of autism and its possible connection to certain vaccination processes? Have the anti-soul vaccinations already begun?

Kukai, Kobo daishi

Shogun destroyed original concept of Kukai, Kobo daishi, they invented military slave system to control and manipulate Japanese people. They had put own monks to promote lie, fake values to people. Kukai wanted to introduce happiness and freedom, and he wants to save Japan and Japanese people now, his spirit is alive, he is not dead !

Dream 20

I was standing in front two pipes from where was flushing water, the pressure was very powerful like waterfall, I tried to stop this running water, but I failed, too much of pressure, it wasn't possible to close the cranes, it was out of any control. Under the first pipe was written " Japanese", under the other "English".

Visions of God Poseidon

3 days before earthquake happened in Japan, March 11, I had vision of Lord Shiva, he appeared twice, and at that time I was just wondering about the message, and thought it was the message for me, but then big earthquake took a place. One week later HE appeared again, and strong afterschocks followed up. In April I started having visions of God Poseidon, sometimes  I saw trident, sometimes Him together with trident. In May I had no any signs, however recently in June, I started to see Poseidon again, I saw him twice already in this month.

John F. Kennedy

"And so it is to the printing press--to the recorder of mans deeds, the keeper of his conscience, the courier of his news-- that we look for strength and assistance, confident that with your help man will be what he was born to be: free and independent."

Dream 19 ( June 25, 2011),

New York, 60th

I'm in the shopping street, I'm wearing beautiful lace black shoes, pink rose silk blouse and black skirt of style 60th. There is friend with me, she suggests to me going to the shop and buy new shoes, so we did a shopping and I bought another pair of the shoes, they were very similar to what I'm wearing, but size wasn't right, too big. So I decided to go back and return my shoes. Then I see myself wearing my old lace shoes what perfectly fit my feet. Around me are many rich people, it is rich life in New York, but I cannot see the sun, it is dark and the energy, the same energy as during the  World War II. I feel like I have to leave this place, I sense the chaos in the air, the air and energy are very tensed. I don't like it, it is scary....Something big is coming what never appeared in the Earth before.