Saturday, August 6, 2011


This number appeared to me twice, the first time it happened several months before March earthquake in Japan took a place. It was the dream, where I was sitting  in the wagon and I had to pass over tunnel, it was the darkness, and then when I passed through, I saw the light and flying dragon, blue-green dragon.

The second time number 47 appeared to me after earthquake in Shizouka, Japan. And I understand this number as number of incarnation, death and rebirth. 4+7=11, and 11 is the number of change, karma and destiny.

Dream 25

12 M new tsunami in Japan.

Dream 24

I saw the news from Japan that the amount of plutonium was decreased and I could see American pop star or politician, he was charismatic and he was saying to the crowd that let's celebrate, Japan is doing well and radiation is decreasing, and it is getting better. I saw his face, the eyes full of lie, but people were following and trusting him. I tried to open my mouth and say to not believe this person, but I knew that it won't have the effect since he is famous, he has the power and influence, but me, I'm just ordinary human being.

Dream 23

I feel my nose and I smell radiation, it spreads around, I can feel it everywhere and then I see the ocean, water and people are standing near the water, people from other continents were watching how Japan was going under water.