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Future of Japan and Feng Shui ( 2008 )

I came out with an idea to write about this matter because of an interview I gave recently for the Tokyo American club magazine; the subject was what and how to de-clutter. Also, I read on LinkedIn, a discussion topic about how "Japanese business is very different from the West."
After living in Japan for 11 years, it is very hard to stay neutral and touch this very sensitive subject. However, I decided to open some secrets and shine some light on the matter, because I believe it can help not only foreigners who are planning to move to Japan, or foreigners who are already here and have experienced cultural shock and business/work shock first-hand, but also some of the Japanese who are also suffering from their own culture, traditions and rules in different ways.
Future Japan
Let's look at Japan as a country in terms of feng shui- it belongs to a strong Earth element which is ruled by Saturn, and also belongs to a strong Metal element which is ruled by Venus. Let us see how the country's karma and constitution affects the people's character, physical health,money, work and relationships.
Earth means stability, satisfaction, security that is mostly related to material nature: body health, food, service, work, and family. Japan is famous for it's restaurants, healthcare tools (e.g. massage, spa, supplements) life-comfort and high quality service.
Our body and our mind, needs to feel safe and sure of tomorrow. We need a base, comfort, family and support.
However if most of the time you try to hold on the present, focus only on yourself, and only material things (excess of Earth), it prevents you from growth and change; there is danger to become stagnant and sluggish.
Universal law works for everyone, including any country and any nationality. The purpose of humans is to go up and grow, and for those with strong Earth, it would very valuable to strengthen Wood-meaning to improve education, gain new approaches, learn new life's skills, psychology, entrepreneurship, and foreign languages.
About two years ago, after coming back from a Dale Carnegie seminar, I met an American friend, Brent, and that day we talked about Japan's future. He worked in HR department for years and made conclusion that Japan's future wealth and economic improvement starts with Universities, and it is the right approach in terms of feng shui since the only way to balance excess of earth is through mental development and educational reforms.
Japan and Social Health
Japan has achieved huge progress in recent years in terms of design, cars, fashion, computers, but almost with the same rate of progress Japan increased its share of skin problems development and depressive syndromes.
Azuma-san, a doctor of a women's clinic shared with me information that the numbers of atopic patients are increasing everyday and in the future can reach a very high percentage. Azuma-san believes that the cause of atopy and some cases of depression has connection with candida, and he got good results with anti-yeast medications.
For more information on atopy in Japan, please refer to this link, it year 1997, but the problem is still there and has increased:
In internal feng shui skin and lungs are related to Metal element, and I would like to discuss about the connection between the skin, mind and emotions.
Ancient wise healers were saying that our skin is reflection of our soul, thoughts and emotions and how we communicate with the external world.
If our Metal is in balance, then on the emotional and the mental level, it gives us maturity, sensitivity, creativity, and courage. On the physical level, it provides healthy skin, healthy breathing and healthy bowel-movement.
In the case of excess of Metal, its cold nature expresses itself in mechanical attitude, rigidity (katakori), resistance to live with flow, creating excess of rules, orders and limits.
Metal element imbalance leads to accumulation of waste, internal and external, and on the physical level, skin rashes, eczema (atopy), constipations, and breathing disorders.
The person with excess Metal element tries to control his own life and is afraid of changes. He tries to escape the grief, sadness, depression, and lack of satisfaction by increasing one's "self-confidence" and "self-worth" by collecting and keeping a number of material things (handbags, fashion goods, jewelries, accessories, cosmetics).
It is very natural to inhale, hold one's breath and exhale. It is the same for life- to receive, keep and use, and give way (eat, assimilate, nurture and eliminate).
Excess of Metal has influence on the increasing suicide rates in Japan as well. People think that if they lost their job, they are not worthy. If they don't have enough money, they cannot enjoy life, don't want to deal with their pain, and don't want to take responsibility of their life due to lack of courage and emotional maturity.
Here is more information on suicides in Japan:
Japanese should rediscover living in harmony with nature's cycles where change and the passage of time are necessary parts of life. It calls to remind that there is time for letting go, and accepting new things and experiences into each one's lives. It is time for them to integrate their inner fire, their spirit, clear their soul and release the troubles and worries of the past and present, and prepare one self to move towards love, happiness and life's purpose.
One famous Russian actress said there are only three kinds of happiness in this life - to be with a partner you love, to do a job you like, and to live in the appropriate environment for you. I wish to everyone that you may find your happiness.
Lucie Mori was born into a family of psychics. From the age of ten, she learned oriental techniques and spiritual healing.
In 2002, she started consultations for health, happiness and personal growth. Here, she sought to bring harmony and balance to people through nature, art and design, where beauty and spirituality meet to create a happier home and a brighter life.
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Spiritual Message From Japan

Dream 18 ( June 23, 2011 )

Ropeway/Amusement place in Japan
I saw mountains, green nature, it was very high place. Japanese people were sitting on kind of balcony and waiting for ropeway. Balcony was flat, but it had no protection, so you could fall down easily from a very high place into the mountains were are a many trees. I see myself on that balcony, it is slippery, and I'm moved to the bottom, but there is no any guard, no protection, I'm falling down, I try to cling with my hands, but I'm about to fail, then I see Japanese man, he is on the rope, he hold the rope and he comes after me, he is worker and also the one who rescues people  in the case of accidents. God, I never had such experience, to fly with the rope, it was scary, but I had no choice, I had to do that. When I see down, it such high place, mountain, trees and I'm flying with rope together with Japanese worker. I'm angry at him and ask why it this place has no protection, it is not save, it is dangerous. He answered, yes it is true, it is old already and it is not save anymore. But he just need to follow the instructions as it is. Then I see myself going to the man who owns this attraction area, but he cannot hear me, he cannot listen to me. It was his daughter who introduced me to him. Daughter was foreigner, but the man was old Japanese. He had low energies and we could not communicate at all. He is on the dark side where are the profits, lust, greed, saving on safety are the priority.