Thursday, June 23, 2011

Dream 18 ( June 23, 2011 )

Ropeway/Amusement place in Japan
I saw mountains, green nature, it was very high place. Japanese people were sitting on kind of balcony and waiting for ropeway. Balcony was flat, but it had no protection, so you could fall down easily from a very high place into the mountains were are a many trees. I see myself on that balcony, it is slippery, and I'm moved to the bottom, but there is no any guard, no protection, I'm falling down, I try to cling with my hands, but I'm about to fail, then I see Japanese man, he is on the rope, he hold the rope and he comes after me, he is worker and also the one who rescues people  in the case of accidents. God, I never had such experience, to fly with the rope, it was scary, but I had no choice, I had to do that. When I see down, it such high place, mountain, trees and I'm flying with rope together with Japanese worker. I'm angry at him and ask why it this place has no protection, it is not save, it is dangerous. He answered, yes it is true, it is old already and it is not save anymore. But he just need to follow the instructions as it is. Then I see myself going to the man who owns this attraction area, but he cannot hear me, he cannot listen to me. It was his daughter who introduced me to him. Daughter was foreigner, but the man was old Japanese. He had low energies and we could not communicate at all. He is on the dark side where are the profits, lust, greed, saving on safety are the priority.

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