Saturday, June 25, 2011

Dream 19 ( June 25, 2011),

New York, 60th

I'm in the shopping street, I'm wearing beautiful lace black shoes, pink rose silk blouse and black skirt of style 60th. There is friend with me, she suggests to me going to the shop and buy new shoes, so we did a shopping and I bought another pair of the shoes, they were very similar to what I'm wearing, but size wasn't right, too big. So I decided to go back and return my shoes. Then I see myself wearing my old lace shoes what perfectly fit my feet. Around me are many rich people, it is rich life in New York, but I cannot see the sun, it is dark and the energy, the same energy as during the  World War II. I feel like I have to leave this place, I sense the chaos in the air, the air and energy are very tensed. I don't like it, it is scary....Something big is coming what never appeared in the Earth before.

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  1. American positive thinking was at its height in the early 60s. Pres. Kennedy was elected and made the bold move to put a man on the moon. The Civil Rights movement went into full swing. Americans feel that they can do anything and are masters of their destiny.

    Then Kennedy was assassinated in 1963, Americans got defeated in vietnam, there were demonstrations, the misguided hippie movement, watergate, iran hostage crisis. The Reagan years were a respite, but with the ascend of Bush Sr, everything went downhill again...

    The US (e.g. New York) seems to be a battleground for freedom versus tyranny right now... and its tyranny that is winning... the only thing that is keeping the US from becoming a non-entity is the powers that be has not figured a way to get rid of the 2nd amendment rights...