Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Dream 21

I saw restaurant, looks like Japanese restaurant, it is dark there, many Japanese waiters were working. I thought during that that time in my dream, "they are working like ants". I was helping them to clean the tables and the floor. Many different thoughts jumped in my head, like humans were born to fulfill big dreams, they were born for the work that makes them content.

Then suddenly I heard the shake of earth, when I got out of the restaurant, I saw myself in Europe, and earth started to shake violently, it was very powerful shake, the voice said, year 2012 started. Many western people were standing, but couldn't believe in what was happening. I started to run, in front of me was a building with the roof of upwards triangle shape. I entered the building, there were many stairs and old woman with glasses was sitting on the chair, she was wise and very calm. I climbed the stairs very fast, and I saw my friend who tried to find something in very thick book, it was a bible or ancient Egyptian book with a many ancient symbols, friend tried to find the message for the event...suddenly building started moving  upside down, and triangle of the roof turned downwards, building changes position to 180 degree, like south became north, and north the south. After the change took a place, shake of the earth has stopped.

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