Friday, July 1, 2011

Live your higest values and biggest dreams !

There are some people in this world who set up a very low values and low standards for themselves, have a small dreams or not at all, and exactly this type of people has tendency to lough at, judge, and tickle those who love to fly high and live to the fullest.
Please don't be bothered if there are around you the people who don't understand your gifts and talents, they are like mirror, they teach you what you don't want in life  and what you truly desire for, just say thank you because they can make you stronger and more energetic. Pigeons never can understand the eagles, but the eagles always identify the pigeons, their strength and power cannot be compared. When you recognize that you are an eagle or a swan, you can forgive those pigeons or ducks, and just follow your way, your path.. despite how crazy or non-traditional it is. It is your life, your fate, your choice and no one has the rights to take your freedom. Don't be destructed, always remember how beautiful you are, God never makes a mistakes !

It takes a lot of courage to follow the path towards self-realization.

"I have wisdom, independence and free spirit of wolf, I will stay alone if it is needed and I keep my head up. I have hope, faith, love and fortune. I'm worthy and I allow myself to receive all good things in this life. And all what makes me happy is good for me  !"

Enjoy watching !

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